Industrial Belts

Poly - F V Belts

Approx Price: Rs 240 / Piece 


  • A marvel of Polymer Engineering and State-of-the-art manufacturing
  • technology.
  • Specially compounded stiff-yet-flex-crack resistant base.
  • High modulus low stretch polyester cords and "HSS" process resulting in
  • even tension and maximum life..
  • Polychloroprene impregnated poly-cotton jacket.
  • Precision built belts requiring no matching or coding.
  • One shot tensioning.
  • Available in sections A, B, C, D & E , FHP, SPA, SPB, SPC.

Gates Powergrip Gt2 Belt

Approx Price: Rs 240 / Piece 
Fiberglass tensile cord provides high strength, excellent flex life, and high resistance to elongation Neoprene body provides protection against grime, grease, oil. and moisture. Nylon tooth facing provides a durable wear surface for long service life. Gates' patented tooth profile is designed for use with a specific sprocket groove profile. The sprocket groove-belt tooth combination increases capacity, while improving registration. Power Grip® GT2® greatly exceeds HTD®in tooth ratchet resistance. Eliminates lubrication and re-tensioning to reduce maintenance and labor as compared to roller chain drives. Power Grip® GT W2 belt / sprocket combinations match or exceed the positional accuracy of Power Grip ® Timing belt/pulley systems.

Also Available in Section: 2 MR, 3 MR, 5 MR


Power Grip GT belts are suitable for many applications including data storage, machine tool, hand power tools, postage handling, DC Stepper/Servo, food processors, office machines, centrifuges, money handling, medical diagnostic, sewing machines, ticket dispensers, robotics, vending machines, and vacuum cleaners.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: PRB-01

Timing Belt

Approx Price: Rs 350 / Piece 
Made company (Gates,Opti, Contitech) price depends on size and thickness It is flat, rubber belt with teeth. It connects the camshaft and crankshaft inside the engine much like a bicycle chain connects the front and rear sprocket. But more importantly it synchronizes the rotation of the valves and pistons to occur at the correct times. Timing belts have replaced chains in many cars today and help make the sophisticated engines we find under the hood possible.

Also Available in Section: MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH, DL, DH, S3M, S5M, S8M, S14M, 3M, 5M, 14M, MR


Power Grip Timing Belts are suitable for office machines, machine postage equipment, sewing machines, vending machines, outdoor power equipment, agriculture, food processing, HVAC, oil, wood, paper, sand and gravel.

Key Features:
  • Fiberglass tensile cord provides high strength
  • excellent flex life, and high resistance to elongation
  • Neoprene body provides protection against grime, grease, oil and moisture
  • Nylon tooth facing provides a durable wear surface for long service life
  • Eliminates lubrication and re-tensioning to reduce maintenance labor required on drives

Gates, Mitsuboshi, Optibelt, Contitech.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: TB-01

Fenner Raw Edge Cogged Belts

Approx Price: Rs 350 / Piece 
We are providing V Belts with the following features and Applications.

Key Features:

  • Super Load Capacity
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Longer Belt Life
  • Increase Productivity
  • Very high flexibility due to moulded cogs.
  • Excellent transverse rigidity because of Polychloroprene base compound with Anistropic fibre orientation.
  • Very low stretch due to use of length stable Polyester cords prepared with special adhesives.
  • Higher power rating upto 30% over wrapped V-Belts.
  • Low slip due to better arc of contact & pulley to belt geometrical relationship.
  • Energy loss reduced to absolute minimum.

Section: Available in sections AX, BX, CX, SPZX, SPAX, SPBX, SPCX.


  • Suitable for all industrial,
  • Wide-speed range open pulley
  • Enclosed device variable speed drives

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: VB-01

Variable Speed Belts

Approx Price: Rs 1,000 / Piece 
Notch Design reduces thermal and bending stresses for longer life. Smooth Running construction for minimal vibration at high speeds. Meets RMA oil and heat resistant standards.

Applications :

Suitable for all industrial, wide-speed range open pulley or enclosed device variable speed drives.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: VSB-02
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